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Three Bearded Truths!

There are many things to consider before going all-in to grow a great beard no matter what length or style you want. There are also endless varieties of beard care products available to help you along your bearded journey. While it's impossible to address every aspect of beardsmanship in this article, we do want to discuss the importance of a beard care routine and why it's critical that you have one!

There are three bearded truths that every beardsman must face; if you're going to have facial hair then you MUST:

  1. Keep your beard clean

  2. Condition and nourish the skin underneath your beard

  3. Condition, nourish, and protect the beard itself

To be sure, there are other habits you will need to form along the way, but the three bearded truths are the foundation upon which your glorious mane will be grown!

We've talked to lots of men recently who have beards but aren't using any beard care products. When asked "Why aren't you using any beard care products?", the most common answers were:

  • I didn't know I needed to use them

  • I don't know how to use them

Let's take a look at each bearded truth and how you can implement it into your beard care routine.

Keeping Your Beard Clean

Washing your beard with a conditioning beard wash 2-3 times per week is critical for the health of your skin and beard. Washing your beard more than 3 times per week is unnecessary unless your work or play creates a dirty environment that would warrant more frequent washing. Using an all natural beard wash strips away any product that has built up, removes dead skin that accumulates beneath the beard, and makes it smell great!

Here is our beard washing routine. While in the shower:

  1. Get beard wet

  2. Apply generous amount of wash to palm of hand (More wash will be necessary for larger beards)

  3. Massage into skin and beard

  4. Rinse thoroughly

  5. Towel dry

Pro Tip - Always apply a generous amount of beard oil after washing your beard to help replace oils and nutrients that were stripped away.

Condition and Nourish Your Skin

Truthfully, beard oil isn't about your facial hair at all; it's about the skin underneath! Keeping skin healthy and hydrated is tough enough without facial hair, but once you decide to grow a mustache, goatee, or a full beard, that facial hair will draw oils and nutrients away from the skin. If those oils and nutrients aren't replaced, then it's only a matter of time before beard itch, beardruff, and course facial hair show up! One of the best ways to make sure that your beard is as healthy as it can be is to condition and nourish the skin beneath it, and a good quality beard oil will do the job.

A good rule of thumb is to generously apply beard oil after washing it, or if your skin feels dry and irritated. 2-3 drops should be sufficient for shorter beards; 4-6 for medium length beards; 7 or more for longer beards. Use a boars hair beard brush to redistribute the oils evenly throughout your beard.

Pro-Tip - If you suffer from dry skin on your ears or eye brows, apply beard oil to those areas and dry, flaky skin be gone!!

Condition and Nourish Your Beard

Conditioning, nourishing, and protecting your beard with a quality beard balm is crucial for a healthy and soft mane. Beard balms replace oils and nutrients lost in the beard washing process, softens facial hair, and provides a light hold for styling. Balms should be used daily and the amount will depend on the size of the beard. In addition to carrier oils, balms will use beeswax for the hold factor and a few will use lanolin for additional protection.

Pro-Tip - Using a bit of balm on your eyebrows will help to keep them uniform and soft

We have grown our beards using the Three Bearded Truths as our foundation and would encourage you to do the same. If you're looking for quality, all natural beard care products, check out the Beards & Riffs Trading Co product line.

Stay tuned for more bearded tips and tricks from Beards & Riffs Trading Co!


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